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Twin Lakes, Colorado

Twin Lakes, Colorado Now I must admit, with some embarrassment as a photographer, that most of my photos of the village of Twin Lakes were taken during the winter time, when the terrain is fairly cold and snowy. There is nothing wrong with snow, of course, but I am not sure if my pictures really do a good service to representing the beautiful of this particular area. More photos of Twin Lakes can be seen here:

Adjacent photo: The center of Twin Lakes.

Twin Lakes, Colorado The Twin Lakes Visitor Center.
Twin Lakes, Colorado On this particular winter morning, I drove west on Highway 82 until I reached the gate that closes Highway 82.
Twin Lakes, Colorado There are many beautiful mountain scenes like this one as I headed up the canyon.
Mt. Elbert Lodge
Two landmarks west of Twin Lakes: An intriguing red barn and windmill (top) and the Mt. Elbert Lodge (bottom). Both of these areas lit up in colors on one autumn day: Autumn Foliage on Highway 82
Independence Pass Road The Independence Pass Road gate on the east side, approximately five to six miles east of the Independence Pass summit.
Twin Lakes, Colorado
Twin Lakes, Colorado
I have two photos of Twin Lakes. The top was taken on a bitter cold but sunny day in November 2005. The bottom was taken in January 2006.

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