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Hike Along North Fork Lake Creek

Mt. Champion August 13, 2006 - At the lowest switchback near milemarker 66 on the Lake County side of Independence Pass is a trail that runs up along the North Fork of Lake Creek. Here is the view of Mt. Champion (alt. 13,646 feet) from the trailhead.
Mt. Massive Wilderness This area is part of the Mt. Massive Wilderness in the San Isabel National Forest.
North Fork Lake Creek Now I must admit, I only hiked into about one mile into the canyon and I sat by this creek for awhile for some rest and reflection. I needed some alone time!
Flowers Summer flowers.
Colorado The trail continues up the canyon, then turns "right" (east) up and over a saddle past Mt. Champion which heads into the Half Moon Creek watershed area. Here is a photo of the view looking back downhill towards the highway switchback.

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