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Independence Pass My friend Ron from Colorado Springs, who spent the weekend with me and visited the pass for the first time in his life. (July 2007)
Independence Pass My buddy Scott (from Colorado Springs) and myself. Kelly was with me, but being that she's in two other photos, she declined to partake and instead snapped the photo. (June 2007)
Independence Pass Keema, Paul, Kelly, Rhonda and myself. (September 2006)
Independence Pass My parents at Independence Pass. (August 2006)
Independence Pass Now this might be a little hokey, but this page will serve as the official "Friends at Independence Pass" page. It will give me an excuse to snap a shot of the people I spend time with in the Independence Pass region. In the adjacent photo, myself (in the tie-dye), Bernie from New Jersey (left), Kelly from Kansas and Nick from Great Britian enjoyed a round trip from Manitou Springs to Aspen in September 2004. We had such a great time! :)
Mark The Nedhead This is Mark the "Ned Head" - who lives in Nederland, Colorado. We recently hiked to the "first peak" via the Independence Pass trail southwest of the parking lot. There is a shot of him at the main overlook with LaPlata Peak in the background. (June 2006)

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