Independence Pass

Early Colorado Snowstorm At Independence Pass

Colorado Autumn Foliage September 22, 2006 - I arrived at Twin Lakes at approximately 9 a.m. with the primary goal of photographing the aspens. Snow had been coming down for the past 24 hours which made for some amazing "fire and ice" scenery of snow and colorful foliage.
Independence Pass Road A few miles west of the Mt. Elbert Lodge, snow completely took over the scenery and I headed up towards Independence Pass.
Plow Truck I got a nice shot of a C-DOT plow truck near milemarker 67. ;)
Independence Pass Road Heading up one harrowing stretch of road.
Independence Pass With all the snow and gray clouds, there was not too much scenery to photograph besides the Independence Pass sign.
Independence Pass Looking towards the Lake County side of the pass.
Independence Pass And to think that my out-of-town friends and I were frolicking on that path just two weeks ago!
Steve One black and white photo of me.
Honda Accord Special thanks goes to my 1993 Honda Accord, which has done such a great job taking me up to Independence Pass all summer and autumn! :)

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