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Independence Pass

Independence Pass If you love Independence Pass, you're in the right place!

Need some Colorado Rocky Mountain inspiration? Hopefully something below will meet your fix!

This site is dedicated to all things related to Independence Pass. The photo collections below include the immediate Independence Pass pedestrian area, and the surrounding Rocky Mountains of the Continental Divide. I also include scenery on the west side (Aspen and the Roaring Fork River Valley) and east side (Lake County and Twin Lakes) of the pass.

Please visit the Independence Pass Forum with any questions or comments you may have!

Stories and Adventures

La Plata Peak

By: Steve G., July 24, 2008

La Plata Peak: My climb of La Plata Peak via the standard route - the La Plata Trailhead. It was a long hike, a little more difficult than the average "14er" in the Sawatch Range, but the views at this particular summit were so worth it ... View Photos

La Plata Peak, CO

Plenty of Snow in June!

By: Steve G., June 2008

Independence Pass Snow: Independence Pass finally opened one week after Memorial Day weekend. There is still plenty of snow at the pass, as you'll see ... See More

Summer Evening

By: Steve G., July 12, 2008


Summer Evening: I was investigating trailheads along Highway 82 in Lake County and thought a visit to Independence Pass was in order. I captured a photo of myself on a large snowfield and stuck around to watch the sunset as well ... View Photos

The Tundra Pools

By: Steve G., July 7, 2007

The Tundra Pools: Ron in Colorado Springs visited the pass for the first time in 30+ years of living in Colorado. He was not disappointed with his visit and I got a bit carried away in one of the tundra pools ... View Photos

Tundra Pool

Roadside Cascading Waterfall

By: Steve G., June 23, 2007

Unnamed Waterfall West of Independence Pass: I stopped at an unnamed cascading waterfall west of Independence Pass right along the highway. The road cuts right through the creek's drainage system and offers some very pretty views ... View Photos

Unnamed Waterfall

Snowshoeing At The Pass

By: Steve G., June 1, 2007

Snowshoeing At The Pass: Snowshoeing and skiing are still happening in and around Independence Pass, but the snow is melting at a somewhat rapid pace. It was great to get on snowshoes for the first time ... View Photos


September 22 Snowstorm

By: Steve G., September 22, 2006

Independence Pass Snowstorm: I spent a lot of time capturing the snow and fall foliage scenery east of Independence Pass, but of course I just had to visit the summit to check out all the snow ... View Photos

Independence Pass, Colorado

Early Snowfall

By: Steve G., September 8, 2006

Overlook Between Aspen and Independence Pass: With friends visiting in town from Maryland, Kansas and Arkansas, I just had to take them up to Independence Pass so they could experience some amazing Rocky Mountain views. The snowfall was icing on the cake ... View Photos

Independence Pass, Colorado

North Fork Lake Creek

By: Steve G., August 2006

North Fork Lake Creek: One interesting hike in the region is a trail that runs along North Fork Lake Creek and Mt. Champion near milemarker 66 at the lowest switchback on the Lake County side ... View Photos

Hike Near Independence Pass

Colorado Sunset

By: Steve G., August 2006

Independence Pass Sunset: The sunset was "below par" from a color standpoint, but I still had a great couple of hours in the grassy tundra at the Continental Divide. I actually took one photo that I am particularly happy with looking out towards the Pitkin County side ... View Photos

Independence Pass Sunset

Assorted Photo Gallery

By: Steve G., August 2006

Assorted Photo Gallery: As I was waiting for the sun to go down to photograph the sunset, I snapped a bunch of shots of the mountain scenery at Independence Pass. The major switchback closest to the pass on the east side offered some great views ... View Photos

Independence Pass Photo Gallery

Snowy Memorial Day Weekend

By: Steve G., May 2006

Memorial Weekend 2006: While Memorial Day weekend is typically viewed as the official beginning of summer in Colorado, someone forgot to inform Mother Nature of such at Independence Pass. Enjoy this photo collection of the snow conditions ... See More

Independence Pass

Friends At Independence Pass

By: Steve G. (Ongoing)

Friends: This is an ongoing photo collection of friends and family whom I take up to Independence Pass. I get so many visitors and this page will be my excuse to show off the area ... See More

Friends at Independence Pass

Village Of Twin Lakes

By: Steve G., April 2006

Twin Lakes: Twin Lakes is a small village of a few hundred year-round residents on the east side of Independence Pass. At the base of Mt. Elbert, the quaint village is known for its large lake ("Twin Lakes") with breathtaking views of the mountains ... See More

Twin Lakes, Colorado

Independence Lake

By: Steve G., June 2006

Independence Lake: On the west (Pitkin County) side of Independence Pass at the first main switchback is a trail that leads up to Independence Lake. There was still a lot of snow way up there by the lake! ... See More

Independence Lake at Independence Pass

Ghost Town Of Independence

By: Steve G., July 2006

Ghost Town of Independence: The ghost town of Independence was founded in the 1880's and served as a mining area just west of the Continental Divide. Winters were long and brutal and when mining operations spiraled, the once bustling town dissolved as many sought better opportunities downhill in Aspen ... See More

Independence, Colorado
Independence Pass Facts

  • Altitude: 12,095 Feet

  • Independence Pass is part of the Continental Divide which divides the watersheds that flow downward to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

  • Independence Pass divides the counties of Pitkin and Lake counties.

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